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Microdosing Institute

Europe's leading research, information, coaching and community platform. In cooperation with James Fadiman our Microdosing coaching team has developed an online video course for anyone who wants to microdos safely and responsibly. The Microdosing...

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Psychedelic Warriors

Is a therapeutic organization, led by a Royal Navy veteran, that provides professional psychological counseling for psychedelic experiences with natural psilocybin truffles. Former and active military veterans and other...

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Psychedelic Insights

A therapeutic organization,offering effective one day sessions with psychological preparation talks. The international team is multi-skilled, and driven by passion. We hope to accelerate the tipping point of human consciousness by providing safe...

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Psilocybin Studies: In Progress

Effects of Psilocybin-Facilitated Experience on the Psychology and Effectiveness of Professional Leaders in ReligionNew York University Psilocybin and Cancer StudyUsing BOLD fMRI to measure the effects of psilocin on brain...

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