Psilocybe Pajaritos

The Mayan Magic; for floating moments

If you want a relaxed and happy trip, choose Pajaritos. The Psilocybe Pajaritos is also a very social truffle. So if you are planning on having a great night with your friends, this magic truffle is ideal. Let the happy feeling of the Pajarito surprise you! The Pajaritos is also known under the name Mayan Magic.

Pajaritos is Spanish for "little bird". This name is given to this truffle species by the Mayas in Guatemala. After taking the Psilocybe Pajaritos they heard how fine and peaceful the little birds flitted. The Psilocybe Pajaritos is a truffle that is slightly stronger than Mexicana. In terms of quantity of active substance you can compare it with the Tampanensis. The trip is relaxed and happy and some users experience mild hallucinations.