Psilocybe Tampanensis

The Philosopher's Stone; for higher moments

The tampanensis truffle is also called The Philosopher's Stone or mushrocks. It will not surprise you that the tampanensis or Philosopher's Stone gives a deep trip. Deep thoughts and very pleasant insights are the result. You'll also be amazed by the impressive visuals you'll experience. Especially with your eyes closed the visuals are impressive. Try them and feel like a real philosopher! You will not be disappointed!

In 1977 the tampanensis was found for the first time in nature. Dr. Steven Pollock discovered the truffle in Tampa, Florida. Hence the name Psilocybe tampanensis. A little later, around 1978, it was the mycologist Paul Stamets who found a way to cultivate the tampanensis. The first Philosopher's Stone was born. Other types of magic truffles have a similar effect. The trip always depends on your mood and environment.

In addition, the effect depends on the amount of food in the stomach. If you have just eaten, it can take an hour before the magic truffle works. The effect of the truffle can also be less. It is recommended not to eat anything 4 to 6 hours before the trip. The Philosopher's Stone works best then. In Holland the Philosopher's Stone is also called tripknol or triptruffle.