Europe's leading research, information, coaching and community platform. In cooperation with James Fadiman our Microdosing coaching team has developed an online video course for anyone who wants to microdos safely and responsibly.

The Microdosing Institute is an information, education and community platform for anyone interested in microdosing with psychedelics - consciously and responsibly.

As Europe's first microdosing community, they have been collecting scientific findings and a huge amount of anecdotal data since 2017.

Applications of microdosing
They educate and guide people in their search for support for ADHD, ADD, PMS, depressive symptoms and other mental challenges.

In their work, we share what we learn from our weekly conversations with psychedelic researchers, such as James Fadiman.

Microdosing is not a panacea, a brain booster or an energy booster. It is an intelligent tool. When used consciously, microdosing can support you on your path to more personal leadership:



  • Experiencing flow and focused attention
  • Getting the best out of yourself in terms of productivity, creativity and relationships
  • Consciously change your habits
  • Learn to deal better with emotions
  • Making better decisions, day after day