A therapeutic organization,offering effective one day sessions with psychological preparation talks. The international team is multi-skilled, and driven by passion. We hope to accelerate the tipping point of human consciousness by providing safe access to these sacred and ancient medicines.

The team mission is to help people with personal growth and development. By guiding psychedelic assisted experiences with a science-based approach, we innovate personal transformation.

Psychedelic Insights, based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, offers legal, safe, psychologically guided psychedelic experiences to individuals, groups and professionals, with magical psilocybin truffles for personal development.

Psychedelic Insights brings together an interdisciplinary team of authentic and experienced psychologists, therapists, scientists and psychiatrists who provide mental health and medical screening, psychological counseling before, during and after your psychedelic psilocybin guided experience. Counseling before and after the experience is included and provided for personal development so that the experience can be fully integrated and beneficial.

Because they value an authentic personal approach and a safe environment, they offer a unique psilocybin assisted therapy service in a one-day private experience for individuals, or small groups who prefer an intimate and personal setting.

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