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Our products are available at various webshops and smartshops in the Netherlands and far beyond.


Zamnesia is the best shop for all the good things Mother Nature has to offer.


A therapeutic organization, led by a Royal Navy veteran, that provides professional psychological counseling for psychedelic experiences with natural psilocybin truffles.


Since 2017 the first Microdosing webshop in Europe with the most extensive range of Microdosing products. Shop with a mission. Partner and sponsor of the Microdosing Institute platform.


MicrodosingXP distribution. Dedicated to the best customer experience! They are always there for you.


Discover how to have more energy, be more relaxed in life, perform better physically,
better stamina and deeper sleep.


The official Fresh Mushrooms XP Distributor!


MicrodosingXP for microdosing against depression, stress, burnout and helps with healing, creativity, energy, concentration and an anxiety disorder or fear.


Get the most out of your Microdosing eXperience with our MicrodosingXP truffles. They are specialized in online Microdosing guidance, coaching and workshops and work closely together with the Microdosing.nl coaching team.

Kosmic Kitchen

We believe in excellent quality and honest advice. We've been around since 1996 and sell a wide variety of interesting products, including magic mushrooms, grow kits, cannabis seeds and much more! Visit our shop in Enschede or order through our website.


Microdosing magic truffles is a true gift of nature!


For all your Microdosing XP, Magic Truffles XP and Growkits XP!


Clarity - enhanced senses - gentleness - relaxation - more energetic - more pleasant mood - determination - positivity - pain relief


At Mycelium Neurogenesis, they strive to offer the best products and information related to shifting human consciousness in the desired direction.


Order your MicrodosingXP on weekdays before 16:00 and receive it the next day. Appropriate and extensive advice via WhatsApp. Subscribe to the newsletter and stay informed about promotions and additional information.


Try MicrodosingXP and experience the positive effects of our 100% natural truffles.


Joy From Nature is a wholesale distributor of ethnobotanical products. Contact them for more information.


Mycotrop is a smartshop that sells all the products of freshmushrooms.com, Grow Kits XP, microdosing XP, Truffles XP and many more offers ...


Do you want more light in your depression and feel again what it is like to embrace life here on earth? Then wait no longer and try our unique and miraculous XP Microdosing psilocybin truffles!


Botanic-Art is since 1998 the wholesaler for all your ethnobotanical products. Of course, the MicrodosingXP truffles cannot be missed in our assortment.


We are distributor in Spain of the 100% Mycelium Growkit XP, visit our website: